Seymour Racing Club

The Seymour Racing Club in 2016 became a premier racing destination with a $6 million racecourse upgrade, thanks to the Victorian Government. The Racecourse redevelopment included widening of the track, a new irrigation system, new drainage systems and the laying of new turf. There has also been an upgrade to the members and public facilities, ensuring that guests are comfortable in excellent amenities. Seymour Cup 2017, Sunday 22 October 2017.

Seymour Racing Club

Phone Number:

(03) 5799 1681

Destination Address:

55 Kobyboyn Rd,

Seymour VIC 3660

Sunday Closed
Monday 8:30am–4am
Tuesday 8:30am–4am
Wednesday 8:30am–4am
Thursday 8:30am–4am
Friday 8:30am–4am
Saturday Closed